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Fundamental Technologies, LLC


Practicing the business of science

and the science of business 


Established in 1997, Fundamental Technologies (FTECS) is a Kansas small business. FTECS is owned and managed by Dr. Jerry W. Manweiler whom has been involved in space science, computer technology, and data analysis for government, academics, and industry since 1979.


Over the years, we've had the honor and privilege of working on numerous NASA satellite missions; developing big-data software solutions; collecting, processing and distributing scientific data for public, scientific, and educational use. Our staff have been involved in the development of software systems for government and private clients in a diverse set of domain spaces including Space Sciences, Health Care, Criminal Justice, Big-Data, Identity Managment, and many others.


We're confident we can assist you with your business software and data management needs: from beyond our solar system or just across town; interstellar particle data or  business operations and market data.



Solving your business challenge may not take a rocket scientist, but we have 'em if you need 'em.



Our People
Jerry W. Manweiler, Owner/Manager and Senior Scientist.  Physicist and software engineer for over 35 years; experience includes scientific analysis and physics application programming for NASA robotic missions; software engineering; and project management for  Aerospace, Criminal Justice, Health Care and many other areas of commerce and industry. Dr. Manweiler is co-investigator for the RBSPICE instrument on NASA's Van Allen Probes mission, scientist for the Voyager Interstellar Mission, Cassini Mission to Saturn, Ulysses Heliophysics Mission, IMP (Explorer 50) Mission, and is a member of science team for the Planetary Data Systems Particles and Plasma node.

Heather Mull, Office Manager and Marketing Director
J. Douglas Patterson, Associate Scientist
Dan Gallton, Graduate Research Assistant
Rebekah Manweiler, Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Heather Mull